About ScaleFlux

Helping customers overcome the challenges of scaling their datacenter infrastructure to handle data-driven applications.

ScaleFlux provides Computational Storage Drives (CSD) that improve application performance & latency, improve system efficiency and reduce the costs of storing data in Flash.

These capabilities help database admins and infrastructure managers deploy agile, data-driven applications at scale. There technology delivers many benefits to IT infrastructure, deployed in the cloud, hybrid-cloud, or on-prem infrastructure environments, including:

* RESPONSIVE PERFORMANCE — minimizing latency and application job run time by simultaneously alleviating processing and storage I/​O bottlenecks

* AFFORDABLE SCALING — integrating intelligence into the Flash drives to enable parallel processing, reduce data movement and reduce the costs of storing their data in Flash

* AGILE PLATFORM with a dramatic reduction in time-to-deploy new computational capabilities with in-system, reprogrammable HW vs. multi-year, new infrastructure deployment cycles