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CloudBeat is an intelligent testing platform that helps Agile and DevOps teams to create, run and manage automated tests. Try CloudBeat to find the hassle-free way to integrate testing.

cPacket enables network-aware application performance and security assurance for the distributed hybrid-IT environment, with analytics powered advanced machine learning-based AIOps.

Dasceq Inc uses AI/Machine Learning and Big Data to optimise collection costs and returns for lenders, hospitals, utility companies and government collectors.

Day2 is a hands-on cloud consultancy, linking cloud technology directly to real business value. They can help you design, build and operate cloud solutions and platforms at any stage of the digital journey.

DTEX Workforce Cyber Intelligence platform helps organizations understand their workforce and protect their data, with UEBA, endpoint DLP, digital forensics, employee monitoring and insider threat management in one scalable, cloud-native platform.

Granulate was founded in 2018 to tackle IT infrastructure under-utilization, in a bid for corporate and global resource conversation.

Imvision’s Anomaly Management Platform (AMP) uses NLP-based technology to detect and prevent security breaches in your APIs and automate the ‘identify-analyze-mitigate’ cycle from dev to production.

KedronUK specialises in connecting and visualising your critical IT data across operations, security and service management to show you what's really going on.

Komprise's mission is to help businesses handle the incoming deluge of data with analytics-driven data management. Know, move and control your data to save costs and extract more business value — without disrupting access.

Leading IT services group Malam Team provides a full range of end-to-end computing solutions in the field of information technology, while meeting international quality, service, support and professional standards.

NeuVector offers a cloud-native Kubernetes security platform with end-to-end vulnerability management, automated CI/CD pipeline security, and complete run-time security.

The OpsRamp IT operations management (ITOM) platform is built to discover, monitor, manage, and automate the world's most complex hybrid IT environments.

Modernize your cloud offering and enable your customers to deploy cloud native applications on your existing resources and to scale up anywhere.

Statehub provides seamless data mobility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, increasing IT durability, preventing vendor dependency, all while leveraging cost flexibility.

Make optimised decisions using all your data with Tinosys AI-based analysis, interactive data dashboards and conversational analytics.

Release faster without compromising quality using 21Labs AI-based autonomous testing & maintenance solution.

Gain control over software releasing every step of the way. Automatically safely test code in production and continuously release software across multiple teams and environments.

Varada enables data architects to seamlessly accelerate and optimize workloads, using dynamic analysis and adaptive indexing, resulting in optimal control over performance and cost.

Weka exists to solve the big storage problems for our customers, which we believe requires a totally new approach to manage the scale and performance of emerging applications.

Winder leverage Cloud Native technologies to power Data Science solutions and focus on three key business drivers: automation, enabling competitive differentiators, and process optimisations.

Zigiwave's ZigiOps is a highly customizable and scalable application integration platform, delivering seamless end-to-end data flow between enterprise software tools.