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How the AWS cloud enables new use cases for voice monitoring data

In this fireside chat, Eyal and Aymen will discuss how AWS Services help our customers speed up the deployment and delivery of innovative solutions.

Branching Strategies and How They Impact CI/CD Software Delivery

In this webinar, we will explore the critical role of branching strategies in continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) processes. Branching strategies, crucial for managing code versions and ensuring seamless collaboration among development teams, can significantly impact the efficiency and reliability of software deployment. We’ll also discuss how Git branching strategies and CI/CD pipelines enable faster releases.

Maximizing Crop Potential: A Safresco & Agritask Spanish Webinar

Join us for an insightful webinar where we dive into the world of agricultural transformation and technology. Get a glimpse into agricultural export trends in Latin America & discover how tools like Agritask are revolutionizing cultivation operations and overcoming common challenges in gathering field information.

Loft Labs - Building Multi-tenant Stateful Kubernetes with vCluster and Portworx

Join Thomas Lapp, Cloud Native Field Engineer at Portworx by Pure Storage and Loft's very own Mike Petersen for an hands-on session on, Building Multi-tenant Stateful Kubernetes with #vCluster and Portworx

Reining in Data Sprawl: A Live Demo with Chris Dearden of Komprise

Chris Dearden, Sr. Systems Engineer at Komprise, shows how we can quickly and thoroughly analyze large sets of data, get the insight needed to create and execute an intelligent durable plan to move and store the data in real time.

Cybersecurity, DLP and the Human Element: Raj Koo, Dtex

Lee Razo interviews Raj Koo, Senior President of Engineering and Cyber Intelligence at Dtex, about the latest developments in cybersecurity and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

CNX Forum: What is Cloud Native?

Watch our panel discussion with cloud industry experts, where we explore hybrid and multi-cloud approaches, and revisiting cybersecurity practices for the cloud native approach.

On a Mission to Humanize the Credit Collections Industry: Abhishek Goel, Dasceq

Lee Razo talks with Abhishek Goel, founder of Dasceq and "Chief Behavior Expert" about how Dasceq makes use of its unique combination of deep industry knowledge and experience with the latest AI and machine learning techniques.

Distributed Cloud Computing and the Next Big Wave of Innovation: Jonathan Seelig, Ridge

Lee Razo interviews Jonathan Seelig, co-founder & CEO at Ridge, and co-founder Akamai, about distributed cloud computing and the next big wave of cloud innovation.

Assessing the AIOps Market: Brian Steele, KedronUK

Lee Razo interviews Brian Steele, Technical Development Lead of KedronUK, about their analysis of the AIOps market in 2021, covering both established vendors and new start-ups in the sector.

Accelerating Data Analytics in the Cloud: David Krakov

Lee Razo talks to David Krakov, co-founder and CTO of Varada, an innovator in data virtualization, about how Varada accelerates large-scale data analytics to meet the challenge of rapidly growing data complexity.

New Technology Adoption & the Price of Doing Nothing: Ron Nevo, cPacket

Lee Razo speaks with Ron Nevo, Chief Technology Officer of cPacket, about the opportunity costs of doing nothing when faced with new technologies, and the potential consequences not only for security but also in other areas.

Founder Stories: Ken Grohe of Weka

Lee Razo interviews Ken Grohe, President & Chief Revenue Officer at WekaIO about big data solutions and genome sequencing at Genomics England.